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Centenary Gardens
Centenary Gardens
Type: Monument
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: Fernlea Avenue, Barnoldswick BB18 5DW


The Centenary Gardens on Fernlea Avenue were developed in 1990 to commemorate 100 years of local government in the town.

Positioned next to a busy road and pedestrian route in the town centre, the gardens are often overlooked by busy passersby, but contain intriguing features for avid Barnoldswick explorers.

The gardens were the idea of Dennis Cairns who was a member of Barnoldswick Town Council, the organisation that commisioned the work.

Stone paved, with stone walls enclosing planting areas, the gardens are constructed with Barnoldswick's traditional building material.

Several stone reliefs were built into niches in the walls of the gardens. The carvings refer to Barnoldswick's historical characters and key events in the town's history.

Famous local sculptor Fiona Bowley designed and carved the reliefs. Fiona's career as an artist has taken off in the years since she did the carvings for Barnoldswick. She has gained international recognition and is famous for her carvings of sheep. There is space to add additional carvings, if anyone would like to sponsor a new one!

The benches in the gardens have a fine view along Albert Road to the Town Square.

Barnoldswick in Bloom volunteers adopted parts of the gardens last year, planting out summer bedding and daffodil bulbs.

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Title •  Centenary Gardens
Address •  Fernlea Avenue, Barnoldswick BB18 5DW
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