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Barnoldswick Clock
Barnoldswick Clock
Type: Townscape
Item Location: Albert Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AA


Barnoldswick has a unique clock which uses the 12 different letters of the town's name instead of numbers.

With twelve different letters, Barnoldswick is one of the longest place names in Britain without a repeated letter.

Barnoldswick resident Pamela Oddie came up with the idea for the clock using these twelve letters when the town council was looking for a design for a Barnoldswick mug to commemorate the millennium in 2000.

The design's use of both a red and a white rose refers to the Lancashire/Yorkshire border status of Barnoldswick and the town's continuing battles in the Wars of the Roses.

The town council commissioned thousands of mugs for local children and a new clock for the town square.

The designs for both clock and mug, which be seen in the gallery, have a significant difference.

The mugs, which were purchased from a Lancashire based company, have the red rose bigger than the white.

But the Yorkshire based clock makers refused to follow the same design for the clock face; they said they couldn't make a clock with a white rose smaller than the red. Their clock came with a small red rose surrounded by a large white one!

Since the original clock was erected on Albert Road on the Town Square, a mini clock tower has been built as part of an award winning bus shelter on Barnoldswick's Station Road. This clock has four faces (all of which have the white rose bigger than the red...).

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Title •  Barnoldswick Clock
Address •  Albert Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AA
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