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Victory Park Cycle Training Area
Victory Park Cycle Training Area
Type: Play area
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: Victory Park, off Skipton Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5RR


Victory Park has a great cycle training area for children.

The area is laid out as a mini road network with roundabout and zebra crossing.

There are a couple of benches for parents to use whilst their kids do all the hard work...

The area slopes very slightly, which gives youngsters a chance to find their balance as they free wheel along.

The cycle area is well used by local families and by visitors from further afield.

Once children have found their cycling legs, there's a longer circular route around the park's football pitches for practising and building up confidence.

Families can also follow a circular routes out of the park and onto Greenberfield Lane and back by Stocks Beck, or carry on to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and cycle along the level towpath to Long Ing before returning to the park.

Victory Park also has a wheel park with ramps and boulders for stunt cycling.

Public toilets (including a Radar toilet for disabled people) are located at the pavilion, a football pitch away from the cycle area.

There's plenty of parking at the park and nearby.

The park and cycle area is a great destination for families!

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Title •  Victory Park Cycle Training Area
Address •  Victory Park, off Skipton Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5RR
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