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Letcliffe Branches
Letcliffe Branches
Type: Trees
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: Letcliffe Park, Manchester Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5HE


Patterns of branches at Barnoldswick's Letcliffe Park delight the eye; a natural tracery across the sky to rival the stained glass of any splendid cathedral.

Enjoy the branches on a crisp winters day, or when the first flush of green appears upon them.

During summer, the lush greenery gives welcome shade from the sun.

The myriad hues of autumn abound at Letcliffe Park.

Whatever the season, take time to savour Barnoldswick's hillside treasure.

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Title •  Letcliffe Branches
Address •  Letcliffe Park, Manchester Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5HE
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