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The New Ship - Walmsgate Independent Methodist Chapel; an introduction.
The New Ship - Walmsgate Independent Methodist Chapel; an introduction.
Type: Building
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: Walmsgate, Barnoldswick BB18 5PS


Walmsgate Independent Methodist Chapel - The New Ship - is the only surviving 19th Century non-conformist chapel in Barnoldswick. The building is one of the gems of Barnoldswick's ecclesiastical architectural heritage.

The chapel presents a splendid imposing façade onto Walmsgate, dwarfing the surrounding terraced cottages.

Inside, the chapel retains its original layout, with ranks of Victorian pews on both ground floor and balcony.

The chapel is such a fine (and now rare) example of its type, that it is a listed building.

The building came very close to going the same way as Barnoldswick's other chapels when the building became badly affected by dry rot. But an application to demolish the chapel was rejected and a long process of renovation began.

The New Ship benefited from funding through heritage regeneration schemes in Barnoldswick and grants from heritage bodies; members of the church used reserves built up from Pantomimes and other performances in past years to carry out repairs and begin refurbishment.

In 2012, the church members aim to complete a labour of love redecorating the chapel's interior.

A further aim is to carry out a complete overhaul of the chapel's organ.

When the work is complete, the chapel is due to be opened to the public fortnightly.

This posting is an introduction to the building. Further information is available on the short film which can be viewed by following the video link on this Explore Barnoldswick item.

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Title •  The New Ship - Walmsgate Independent Methodist Chapel; an introduction.
Address •  Walmsgate, Barnoldswick BB18 5PS
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