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Dragons in Barnoldswick!
Dragons in Barnoldswick!
Type: Wildlife
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: Barnoldswick BB18


From time to time, residents and visitors to Barnoldswick are confronted with an astonishing sight; dragons on the streets of our town!

Though they look very fierce, the colourful creatures are friendly and like playing with Barnoldswick's children.

Often, the dragons are seen when the town has a special event. They are sometimes seen taking part in November's Switch On Parade; the dragons like all the excitement of the sounds and sights when thousands of people visit Barnoldswick.

It's always worth having a look round Barnoldswick to see if you can find any dragons. Although they are very big, the dragons are very good at hiding.

Some people think they fly far away, but they probably like Barnoldswick too much to go somewhere else.

In 2012, the theme for autumn events in Barnoldswick is 'What the Dickens?!!'.

If you saw a giant dragon in Barnoldswick, you might say 'What the Dickens?!!', so there's a chance that you could see dragons in Barnoldswick this year.

Photos by Andy Ford and Jane Warman.

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Title •  Dragons in Barnoldswick!
Address •  Barnoldswick BB18
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