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Cockshott Bridge
Cockshott Bridge
Type: Canalside
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: see location on map BB18 6JD


Cockshott Bridge is a surviving original bridge over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal's summit section.

The bridge carries the footpath which runs from Kelbrook Road to Salterforth Lane. The bridge is on the route of the Pennine Bridleway. Interesting blocks of recycled stone are positioned at each side of the bridge to allow horseriders to dismount as they cross over the bridge.

After crossing over the bridge, walking towards Salterforth Lane takes you up 'Bob Preston' (or at least close by following a recent diversion of the route). Lower Park Marina extends alongside the canal at either side of the bridge.

There's boat building activity immediately next to the bridge and a canal shop. Tow path users can use the bridge to get to the shop where they can buy refreshments. Alongside the bridge you can see a water main which carries water from Elslack Reservoir and Yorkshire Water's grid into Barnoldswick.

Looking towards Salterforth from Cockshott Bridge, you can clearly see the surviving abutment of the former railway bridge which carried the Barnoldswick branch line into the town from the junction at Kelbrook.

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Title •  Cockshott Bridge
Address •  see location on map BB18 6JD
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