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Greenberfield Top Lock
Greenberfield Top Lock
Type: Canalside
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: Greenberfield, Barnoldswick BB18 5SU


The top lock on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Barnoldswick can be busy.

With ducks to be fed, boats mooring or navigating the lock, and ice cream to be bought at the Lock Stop cabin, passersby walking or cycling the towpath will often pause a while to observe the goings on.

Or the lock itself may be the destination for a Sunday stroll with the promise of an ice cream for those with tiny feet but larger tummies!

The top lock is where the summit stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal begins its slow descent towards Leeds.

The canal is approaching the Craven Fault (before turning south east at Gargrave to follow the Aire Valley to Leeds), has left sandstone country and is entering Barnoldswick's limestone landscape.

Boundary walls have an increasing number of grey stones from the underlying rock.

Of the group of buildings at Greenberfield, one is built from limestone, with the former lock-keepers cottage made from honey coloured sandstone. The brick built building, dated 1893 is where the inflow from Winterburn reservoir, some six million litres every day, enters the summit pound of the canal.

The fields opposite the towpath show some evidence of the landfilled quarries where limestone was hewn to be kilned and carried by boat into industrial Lancashire.

Coates Lane crosses the canal by bridge 156. Canal boats occupy long term moorings nearby.

The top lock is where the canal says good bye to built up Barnoldswick and begins a meandering course amongst the drumlin field to Gargrave.

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Title •  Greenberfield Top Lock
Address •  Greenberfield, Barnoldswick BB18 5SU
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