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Pride of Barnoldswick Awards 2015
Pride of Barnoldswick Awards 2015
Type: Monument
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: The Rainhall Centre, Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5DR


People who have made an outstanding contribution to Barnoldswick are presented with Pride of Barnoldswick Awards.

The presentations are made in March at the annual town meeting.

The recipients of Pride of Barnoldswick Awards for 2015 are detailed below, with a short citation.

If you would like to nominate someone for an award, please email, phone or write to the town council at tel 01282 818253.

Nigel and Pam Bradley

For their work with young people through the Boys' brigade in Barnoldswick for at least 15 years. Their work has helped to instill a sense of community pride, cohesion, life skills and self esteem in a generation of Barlick kids.

Pam Prenton, Marion Fraser, Pete Lincoln & Karen Demain

A group of individuals who have all caught the litter picking bug in recent months and either on their own, or as part of a group, been busy tidying up Barnoldswick’s hedgerows, footpaths and verges.

Chris, Jane and Craig Lambert

Chris, Jane and Craig are some of Barnoldswick’s inaugural litter pickers, having regularly cleaned up an area of open space near their home for some time. The family is now extending the area they look after and litter pick.

Veronica Hunt

Veronica is another litter picking star, working on her own and during Community Action Days to help improve Barnoldswick. Veronica also volunteers with Barnoldswick in Bloom.

Heather Sheldrick

Heather deserves an award for being a member of the town’s Glitterati, being another avid litter picker; Heather is also the epitome of proud Barlickers, promoting our town through her singing, book publishing and activities.

Emma West

Emma is a mainstay of Barnoldswick’s Bands On The Square event. Scouting for talent and meticulously stage managing the appearance (and disappearance) of performers onto and off the Town Square stage.

Karl Bannister

Karl is another Barlicker receiving an award through his involvement with the Bands On The Square festival. Karl has volunteered his time to help set up and take down the event in recent years, another vital but unsung activity.

Keith Mitchell

Keith’s award is for his invaluable and unflagging assistance with most of our community events, humping and dumping large quantities of equipment and material onto and off the Town Square 12 months of the year.

James & Judith Wilson

Another litter picking duo, their award could be for the development of the Wilson litter carrying cart, but their participation in community events and hosting charity fundraising quizzes are equal justification for their award.

Keith Pickup & Elaine Eccles

With Elaine, Keith has cheerfully and ably led the annual Beating the Bounds walk since founding walker Allan Buck gave up the role. Keith and Elaine also help with Barnoldswick’s community cinema and Elaine is a bloom volunteer.

Jim Maden

Jim is another popular walk leader, well known for his role with the Tuesday Walk and Talk group. Jim is also one of the people who became a first aider through the community course provided through the town council.

Melissa - House of Flowers

Melissa at House of Flowers is someone who always goes the extra mile whenever a town event is held. Whether it’s a Barnoldswick in Bloom themed window, or a competition during the summer’s Beach, Melissa does something special.

Sophie Mitchell - Café on the Square

Sophie deservedly won Pendle Business Awards’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and her fresh approach with Café on the Square is a credit to her and to Barnoldswick.

Glory Glory Vintage

The transformation of the former solicitor’s office into a retail property fit to grace any high street is a deserving award winner for the people who’ve had the courage to invest in such a quality scheme in Barnoldswick.

Decisions Decisions

The relocation of Decisions Decisions into the former Railway pub is another award winning investment, turning what was a prominent eyesore into an asset. A credit to all involved and to our town.

Matt Lunney

Until recently, Matt has been a community beat officer here in Barnoldswick, holding the post for over 7 years and being warmly regarded by townsfolk. Less well known is his singing, which has supported more than one community event.

St Josephs E-Cool Club

The E-Cool Club has supported the Barnoldswick in Bloom initiative for several years with work at school and around town. The group has received a Dementia Friends Award through their activities at Cravenside and also a Blue Peter Badge. The group has helped St Joseph’s become a highly regarded Eco School.

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Title •  Pride of Barnoldswick Awards 2015
Address •  The Rainhall Centre, Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5DR
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