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Pride of Barnoldswick 2016
Pride of Barnoldswick 2016
Type: Townscape
Submitted by:David Whipp
Item Location: The Rainhall Centre BB18 5DR


Pride of Barnoldswick Awards have been presented at the town's Annual Town Meeting to people who've made an outstanding contribution to Barnoldswick.

This year the following people received awards:

John Barrett

For his volunteer work with Barnoldswick Beach, Centre Screen Cinema and other local events and activities.

Stephen Whipp

For his magnificent fundraising at Bands On The Square 2015

Mark Williams

Nominated for his efforts in rescuing a trapped cat and reuniting it with its family after six weeks.

Maureen Blackwell

Nominated for her volunteering work and being a dedicated litter picker.

Aiden Wellock

For his fabulous photography work portraying Barnoldswick in the best possible light.

Shirley Oldfield

For her work with the Pop In Group.

Dave Harries

For organising a splendid display of classic bikes for the Tour of Britain and Heritage Weekend.

David Steele

For his dedicated work with Barnoldswick History Society and for being our Santa every year.

Ilse Eden & Lesley Gilbert

For their work within schools through Barnoldswick in Bloom.

Jilly Lawson

Loyal service to girl guiding overseeing rainbows, brownies & guides at 7th Barnoldswick Independant Methodists.

Barry Matthews, Iris Beckwith, Eddie Peel, Jean Allan & Christine Clegg

All from Garden Gate for all the work they do to put on the workshops for the school children.

The Barnoldswick Town Junior Committee

For their excellent work in growing the club.

The flood fighting Heroes of Boxing Day

For spending Boxing Day helping to prevent flood water devastating homes in Barnoldswick. (If you helped fight the floods in Barnoldswick on Boxing Day, please get in touch with the town council to receive your award.)

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Title •  Pride of Barnoldswick 2016
Address •  The Rainhall Centre BB18 5DR
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