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Type: Arts & Crafts
Sub Type: Gallery
Address: 3 West Avenue, Barnoldswick BB18 6DF
Tel: 01282 851359


I am an artist specialising in painting and drawing, especially oils and pen and ink. I walk the dog around the environs on Barnoldswick and a lot of my paintings are inspired by favourite places discovered on these rambles. At the moment Broden Lane and Esp Lane are featuring a lot in my work. My hawthorn tree series is from trees down Brogden Lane and the snowy pictures from a walk from Esp Lane. Another favourite place is the canal and I have done several pictures of the ducks that reside there. Many of my works are available as signed giclee prints, prices from £25. See my website for further details.

I have exhibited both locally and nationally. My work is often to be found at Arteology in Colne. This is a lovely gallery and framers showing a lot of local artists. See for further details. I also did Art in the Pen in Skipton as well as The Central Lancashire Art Fair and Kelbrook Art Fair last year and hope to do them this year too. For more up to date news of exhibitions and art fairs see my website - link below.

I now have a studio in Sough. For studio visits please ring me for an appointment. 01282 851359 or 0777 3583072. I also have a website at or for news from the studio,

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Title •  A.C.Telfer
Address •  3 West Avenue, Barnoldswick BB18 6DF
Tel •  01282 851359
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