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Type: Food & Drink
Sub Type: Cafe, Catering, Coffee Shop
Address: 29-31 Albert Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AA
Tel: 01282 813454


The business has been in the family for three generations, it was a butchers and greengrocers.

Barlickers are very cosmopolitan so they like the café side, sitting out on the pavement café sipping wine, cappuccinos, etc so due to customer demand we expanded the café 7 years ago. Our top sellers are our delicious scones.

We had a wonderful lady who worked here, Maureen Clapton, who we sadly lost to cancer. Maureen was an excellent scone maker and customers come here especially for scones made to her recipe which we still use everyday, so the recipe lives on.

We bake all our own cakes, come and try them! Victoria's Tea Rooms is special because of the brilliant staff, the atmosphere and the history of the building, it's been serving Barlickers for years.

Customers like coming here for a chat, we know them all by name and like to think we're at the heart of the community. There were two couples who used to come in separately, got chatting, they've now become friends and meet up here specially.

We also have our in-house entertainer, Siobhan, our nutty Irish waitress! We have our celebrity customers too, Bill Webster from Coronation Street comes in regularly.

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Title •  Victoria's
Address •  29-31 Albert Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AA
Tel •  01282 813454
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