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Drum Tuition - Lewis Rennison
Drum Tuition - Lewis Rennison
Type: Music
Sub Type: Music Tuition
Address: Barnoldswick BB18 5PS
Tel: 07539340777


Lewis Rennison is a local musician who has been playing drums in a live atmosphere for over 8 years in various bands.

At the moment he currently drums in local band Suburban Symphony and has preformed in a signed band Effluence who appeared live on the BBC radio and aired on Tony Robisons BBC6 music show. He is currently gigging across the UK.

Lewis started playing drums as a hobby but began studying graded drum pieces alongside music A levels which now gives him the ability to teach both music and drum theory up to grade 5.
With his own drum studio and competitive rates Lewis offers a good opportunity for beginner drummers to take their hobby to the next level.

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Title •  Drum Tuition - Lewis Rennison
Address •  Barnoldswick BB18 5PS
Tel •  07539340777
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