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Hutchinson's Home Made Pies and Ready Meals
Type: Food & Drink
Sub Type: Bakers, Catering
Address: 10 Newtown, Barnoldswick BB18 5UQ
Tel: 01282 813467


Husband and wife team Miles and Beverley Hutchinson opened their shop selling a wide range of home made pies and ready meals in June 2012.

Miles has 20 years’ experience in catering and baking award-winning pies. His day begins at 4.30 each morning when he starts making the pastry and preparing the fillings for the day’s pies and ready meals using locally sourced quality meat.

The freshly prepared pies are available both cold and hot straight from the oven and include pork, steak and ale, meat and potato and chicken plus sausage rolls and a range of pasties.

In October this year at the Tempest Arms' annual Chutney Festival guest judge TV Cook Clarissa Dickson Wright declared Hutchinson's Pork Pies "Perfect" and stocked up on a couple extra to see her through her train ride home. Pop into the shop to see the poster she endorsed and try a perfect pork pie for yourself!

A variety of home made ready meals is prepared each day including cottage pie, steak and mushroom pie with a puff pastry crust, steak puddings and Bev’s speciality lasagne.

Large orders of both pies and ready meals are welcome.

The shop is a real family business with Bev serving customers once the shop opens at 6.30am. Closing time comes when all the day’s pies have been sold.
Barlickers are proving to have a good appetite for their pies and the shop is often sold out by 2pm. Perhaps Miles needs to consider setting that alarm clock even earlier!

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Mon: 6:30am 4:00pm
Tues: 6:30am 4:00pm
Wed: 6:30am 4:00pm
Thu: 6:30am 4:00pm
Fri: 6:30am 4:00pm
Sat: 6:30am 2:30pm
Title •  Hutchinson's Home Made Pies and Ready Meals
Address •  10 Newtown, Barnoldswick BB18 5UQ
Tel •  01282 813467
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