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Funeral Wakes at Rolls-Royce Leisure
Funeral Wakes at Rolls-Royce Leisure
Type: Specialist
Sub Type: Funeral Wake venue
Address: Skipton Road, Barnoldswick BB18 6HJ
Tel: Daytime: 01282 818826, Evening: 01282 818093


A perfect setting for the commemoration of life

Gather with family and friends at Rolls-Royce Leisure to share your grief and exchange stories and memories of your lost loved one.
Holding a memorial event such as a wake, farewell party or celebration of life when a loved one dies is a wonderful way to truly pay tribute to their spirit and life. Funeral Teas, Wakes and Memorial Parties can be both moving and uplifting events.

The team at Rolls-Royce Leisure cares deeply about its people, guests and reputation which is why we will help you organise your funeral wake with empathy and consideration for others. Our duty is to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as it can.

On the day itself we will make every effort to make this aspect of the occasion effortless allowing you to focus on the unique and individual life you are celebrating. We have years of experience of hosting such events and are renown in the local area for our excellent facilities and sensitive approach.
The Trent Lounge is comfortable, peaceful and welcoming and is ideal for gatherings from 20 to 180 people. If your party is outside normal opening hours you will have exclusive use of the Lounge ensuring privacy and intimacy for your guests. If you are expecting larger numbers the Merlin Suite can hold from 50 – 250 guests.

There is ample and convenient parking outside and disabled access to both rooms with disabled facilities inside too.

Catering can be suited to your individual tastes and budgets. A selection of menus are available to choose from. If you have any specific requirements we can discuss ‘mixing and matching’ them around to create your own personal choice. If you are unsure how many people to expect finger buffets are good choices. Our most popular funeral buffet is Buffet is one that unlimited tea and coffee as well as scones with jam and cream that always go down well!!

You can be assured of our personal attention to detail in every aspect of your gathering so let Rolls-Royce Leisure help take some of the pain and heartache out of all the arrangements and organisation that accompany a time of sorrow and grieving.

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Title •  Funeral Wakes at Rolls-Royce Leisure
Address •  Skipton Road, Barnoldswick BB18 6HJ
Tel •  Daytime: 01282 818826, Evening: 01282 818093
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