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Chops Mops
Chops Mops
Type: Clothing
Sub Type: Accessories
Address: 47 Red Lion St, Earby, Barnoldswick BB18 6RJ


Thank you for popping by to my page, Chops Mops are 'Trendy Bandana Dribble Bibs for those Chops that need a Mop!'

I started my business whilst on maternity leave, I was fed up of dressing my son in a lovely outfit and covering it up with a tatty toweling bib! So my little light bulb lit up and Chops Mops was born! After months of developing and prototyping I have a unique design that you wont find anywhere else in the Country, as I registered my design it's copy free! My bibs have also been tested and comply with the British recommended safety standard.

I have three sizes, 4 months to 3 years, 3 years to 8 years and 8 years to adult. So they can be made which fabrics to suit taste from regency for an adult to superhero and princess crowns for the tots.

Prices start from just £3.99! and if you're local to Earby, pop round and collect to save your pennies on postage too!

So if your wanting a perfect individual present, something which you can pretty guarantee they wont already have, pop by my page on Facebook or email me I'm also on twitter @ChopsMops #StillTryingToWorkOutTheHashTags!

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Title •  Chops Mops
Address •  47 Red Lion St, Earby, Barnoldswick BB18 6RJ
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