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Cafe on the Square
Cafe on the Square
Type: Food & Drink
Sub Type: Cafe, Catering, Sandwich Shop
Address: 21 Albert Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AA
Tel: 01282 812882


The Cafe on the Square serves food daily specialising in a range of local products including:
Homemade Pies and meat from David Inghams Butchers in Foulridge
Fresh bread for Liddels
Homemade Ice cream from Mrs Dowson
Fresh eggs for Knowl's farm

Our menu includes a selection of handmade sandwiches, toasties and soups, jacket potatoes, all day breakfast
We also everyday have a selection of seasonal specials freshly made offering dishes suitable for all ages, vegetarians and all dietary needs

We also have a cake counter which has lots of tasty scones, cakes and other sweet treats freshly baked by Love Sweet Things.

The cafe offers a take out service,where phone orders can also be made.

We have recently expanded our services to outside catering too, so whatever occasion you are planning whether it is a dinner party with friends or a special birthday we can help provide some homemade delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy

The Cafe on the Square is special because of the brilliant friendly staff, the atmosphere and the history of the building, it is the oldest cafe in Barnoldwick run by the youngest shop owner in the town, who in 2014 won Pendle's Young Entrepreneur of the Year

We look forward to welcoming you into our lovely little cafe soon

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Mon: 7:45am 5:00am
Tues: 7:45am 5:00am
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Sat: 7:45am 4:00am
Title •  Cafe on the Square
Address •  21 Albert Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AA
Tel •  01282 812882
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