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Brown's Butchers
Type: Food & Drink
Sub Type: Butchers
Address: 59 Gisburn Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5HB
Tel: 01282 816981


We're a family run business, my daughter, son, wife and I all work here. The business has been running for 27 years.

Our top sellers are definitely our sausages! We make all our sausages here, we do 24 difference flavours. Also, steak and kidney puddings are a current favourite.

All our meats have full traceability and much or our produce comes from either our farm or farms surrounding Barnoldswick. One of our most regular suppliers is Harry Simpson from Mere Clough Farm at Kelbrook. Harry has been farming there all his life and supplies top quality meat.

We also do a lot of game, duck eggs and quail. We supply hog roast and also rare breed meat, from less than ¼ mile away. We make our own burgers and stuffed peppers. We never let any of our customers down if possible.

If we don't have what people want, we'll try to get it. We open until 6pm and regularly we have customers come in at or just after 6pm, not a problem. We're the taste of home to some people, when kids leave home mothers take our sausages to them when they visit.

Lots of characters come in here! We've had Tony Tucker, we had an England women's cricketer in here yesterday, her Grandma used to come in here. We have served Jimmy Young and professional rugby players. People from far and wide, they make a detour to get our sausages!

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Mon: 8:00am 5:30pm
Tues: 8:00am 5:30pm
Wed: 8:00am 5:30pm
Thu: 8:00am 5:30pm
Fri: 8:00am 5:30pm
Sat: 8:00am 12:30pm
Title •  Brown's Butchers
Address •  59 Gisburn Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5HB
Tel •  01282 816981
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