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 Northern Costume Hire - Follies Fancy Dress
Northern Costume Hire - Follies Fancy Dress
Type: Clothing
Sub Type: Costume Hire, Fancy Dress
Address: Long Ing Mill, Long Ing Lane, Barnoldswick. BB18 6BJ
Tel: 01282 817351


Northern Costume Hire was founded in 1984 by Carol Squire, in a small shop in Skipton. Like Topsy, it grew, and we moved into larger premises in Swadford Street, where Carol was joined by Margaret Greenwood, and then a further move to a building in Raikes Road.

We began slowly, by costuming local shows, and hiring costumes for fancy dress, eventually becoming one of the country`s largest theatrical costumiers outside of London. As the business grew it became nescessary to relocate again to our present premises.

Situated on the Ouzledale business estate opposite Silent Night, we have a large warehouse which houses approximately 20 - 25,000 costumes (though we have now lost count!!). We deliver to all parts of the UK and have also costumed shows in Southern Ireland, Europe and beyond. We are very easy to find, and there is plenty of free, off road parking, which makes it easy to load up costumes, should you wish to collect your own.

We have recently updated our website with lots more information and the latest show lists that we hold costumes for.

As well as our extensive theatrical wardrobes, Follies Fancy Dress operates from the ground floor of the warehouse. We have a huge selection of Fancy Dress costumes for all events, rails of assorted retro/vintage costumes, and a wide range of makeup and accessories.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, see the links in the contact tab.

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Title •  Northern Costume Hire - Follies Fancy Dress
Address •  Long Ing Mill, Long Ing Lane, Barnoldswick. BB18 6BJ
Tel •  01282 817351
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