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Chocolatefalls of Lancashire
Chocolatefalls of Lancashire
Type: Food & Drink
Sub Type: Catering, Confectioners
Address: Barnoldswick BB18 6AY
Tel: 01282 814876 / 0779000


Celebration event? Want a unique feature at your wedding or birthday? Why not hire a chocolate fountain?! We are a professional company and provide a full rental service for your event. We set up, run and clear away the fountain for a three hour period. You choose your package - dipping items, chocolate, illuminated stand and fountain. A chocolatier will run the fountain and replenish the dipping items. We also decorate the table according to your event and fit in with your colourscheme. We cover all events - weddings, civil partnerships, childrens parties, hen parties, christenings. Guest numbers can be from 20 people up to 500. For smaller guest numbers - up to 20, you can run it yourself with a 16"fountain, two dips and the chocolate for £60!

Rental package:
Chocolate fountain with illumintated stand (individual or twin)
Six dipping items which are unlimited - you choose
Chocolate - white/dark/milk. Also avaliable are cappuccino/pink/orange/strawberry and so on (extra cost)
Three hour running period

VIP package avaliable at 50p extra per guest - profiteroles/waffles/cookies/brownies/mini-doughnuts. You can have the fountain for longer period of time - YOU CHOOSE!!!

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Title •  Chocolatefalls of Lancashire
Address •  Barnoldswick BB18 6AY
Tel •  01282 814876 / 0779000
E-mail •
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Twitter •!/ChocfallsAnna

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