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Briggs and Duxbury Ltd - Funeral Directors
Briggs and Duxbury Ltd - Funeral Directors
Type: Specialist
Sub Type: Funeral Directors
Address: Butts, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. BB18 5HP
Tel: 01282 812384


Funeral directors.

Established in 1909, we are an independent family run firm that has been in business in Barnoldswick for over 100 Years. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation, which has enhanced our survival over the years. We provide personal attention and advice on all matters connected with a funeral and, as we are local people, we can offer the personal touch and carry out funeral matters with the dignity and sensitivity that you would expect from a family firm with over 100 years experience.
We have a private chapel of rest and offer prepaid funeral plans (Golden Charter) and Memorials (quality at competitive prices).

Telephone our 24 hour service on 01282 812384, our help and advice is at your service.

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Title •  Briggs and Duxbury Ltd - Funeral Directors
Address •  Butts, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. BB18 5HP
Tel •  01282 812384
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