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 Anypaw Pet Boutique
Anypaw Pet Boutique
Type: Animals & Pets
Sub Type: Pet Shop
Address: 3 Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AF
Tel: 01282 - 851949


Anypaw Pet Boutique is part of Short Dog n Sides Proffesional Grooming Salon. For our full range of Designer Pet Wear - Collars, Leads and Accessories please visit our website. Anypaw are personal stylists of ROCK FM Mascot Dog Chump.

Anypaw stocks exclusive to the U.K the Happy Puppy & Sailor Range. Preppy Dog Wear is our own brand we are also official stockists of Puppy Angel, Pet Head, Puchi Designer Pet Wear, Collars, Leads, Beds and Accessories worn by many celebrities poochies. Stockists of the popular Red Dingo Beds, Collars & Leads and Name Tags.

Free Engrave and Free Post direct from Switzerland. Unique and Edible Gift cards for Birthdays - Get Well - Valentines - Easter & Christmas, Princess & Pup Star, as seen on T.V and stocked in Harrords.

Personalised Dog & Cat Blankets. Fancy Dress. Diamanté Dog & Cat Collars - Leather - Flower - Puchi - Red Dingo - Dapper - Anypaw Soft Harnesses with matching leads. Baby Powder Cologne as used in Short Dog n Sides Salon and Groomers Shampoos. James Wellbeloved Dog Food. Dog Toys - Feeding Bowls - Hair Accessories and Gifts.

Anypaw aims to bring you the latest in dog fashion and accessories at the best possible prices.

We are always happy to help, contact us for advice.

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Title •  Anypaw Pet Boutique
Address •  3 Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick BB18 5AF
Tel •  01282 - 851949
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