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Barnoldswick are winners of The Great British High Street 2014

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Barnoldswick is bursting with bustling businesses which provide a friendly individual service for discerning visitors. With scores of locally owned, family run shops, Barnoldswick has the highest proportion of independent traders in the country.

The town square in full bloom.

And Barnoldswick is bucking the trend with more shops open now than five or ten years ago!

Barnoldswick has a strong reputation for high quality service and quality goods. Traditional butchers, bakers and greengrocers provide artisan loaves and locally sourced produce. Skilled craft workers create bespoke jewellery and hand made items.

A growing number of quality home ware shops have put Barnoldswick on the map for furnishers looking for distinctive and unique additions to their home. At the same time, Barnoldswick is proud of the diversity and great value offered on day to day items by independent traders in the town. Barnoldswick is also proud that it's a town where people make things!

Rolls-Royce PLC, Hope Technology Ltd and Silentnight Beds are part of Barnoldswick's long history of innovation.

With companies like Rolls-Royce making jet engines, Silentnight making beds and Hope Technology making cycle parts, Barnoldswick has the highest proportion of people working to make things than anywhere else in the country.

Barnoldswick is home to high tech engineering which began with the development of the jet engine in the town. Lots of local businesses manufacture goods that are exported across the world.

The listings on these pages are provided by local retailers and businesses. Please add your Barnoldswick business if it's not yet listed!